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Marcelo Palma from Chile

Marcelo is from Santiago, Chile. Works in advertising as an Art Director and a student of Diamond Way Buddhism. He also designs t-shirts for fun.

Visit him at www.marcelopalma.com 

Ania Miskiewicz from Poland

Ania Miśkiewicz (or Miś) - freelancer illustrator based in Poland. Specialized in children illustration.
A big fan of freedom, travelling, and fresh air. Diamond Way Buddhism practicioner since 2008.

Visit her at:

Bicicleta Morada from Venezuela / Chile / Nepal 

Alejandra was born in Barquisimeto City, Venezuela (1974). She stars her studies in Economics at the Central University of Venezuela (Caracas), but after some semesters she understood "design" was her reality. She studied Graphic Design at the Design Institute of Caracas and since 2000 has worked in advertising, design and editorial trade marketing.

Ale or La Bici -as her friends call her, believes that once achieved a good design concept inevitably flows; no matter the size of the client because it must to be understand as a major customer; well explained the truth is always well understood and nowaday working online is always a good idea.

Bici is Buddhist since 2002; loves to travel; yoga and bike.

Bici works as a volunteer designer for RED PANDA TRUST Nepal since 2 years ago, and support environmental groups in nepal, always from her skill as graphic designer.

Also she is part of the team of design and communication of the Chilean Sangha since 9 year.

Visit her at:


Tiffani Gyatso from Brazil

Tiffani is brazilian artist, specialised in Thangka Painting (Tibetan Buddhist Art) at the Norbulingka Institute, in India.

She offers workshops, talks and art retreats in Brazil. She sells her works in exhibitions and by commissions.

Visit her at:


Seiha Heng from Germany from Heng Fashion

Seiha has a background of project management of the school of Economics in his home country, Cambodia. He has worked for development projects both in Cambodia and Southeast Asia for disadvantaged children and women. There where his passion for textile and fashion design emerged.

Currently, he is based in Berlin as a self-employed designer for Menswear and accessories, mainly handmade in Berlin in own studio.

He is a Buddhist from birth, but join the Vajrayana Buddhism since the end of 2013. He joins the Repa program in order to pursue his spiritual journey. Being part of the BIA team for fund raising is an honor for him, but also to keep his charity work to support the women and children from disadvantage communities, which was the profound experience he has collected along the way.

Visit him at:


Kamila Loskot from Poland

Kamila Loskot - Illustrator from Poland. Recently she has graduated WSTI in Katowice with specialization of Artistic Graphics. A catlover and fan of good children's fairytales. Enthusiast of different fine art's forms including making stamps from potatos. Habitually buys paper, colored pencils and plasticine. When she has a lot on her mind she colors in her coloring book.

Visit her at: